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Healthcare has evolved via the use of modern technology. Patient care has gone mobile. Medical and mental healthcare providers are offering their services from their offices without patients having to physically check-in. Some use video conferencing through their online medical portals. Scheduling appointments can be done by phone or through their website. Many health professionals and practices have gone completely mobile with smartphone applications. This healthcare trend has proven to be a considerable benefit to doctors and anyone seeking medical attention.

Patients won’t have the burden of sitting in a waiting room until their name is called. They can check-in at their scheduled time and expect to be seen within 10-15 minutes. Their fears of getting contaminated with the bacteria and germs that other patients may transmit are also eliminated. The elderly and those with physical or mental challenges will be able to adhere to the plan of care set forth by their providers regularly. People with hectic schedules tend to put off the proper maintenance of their healthcare. This will enable them to check-in with their doctors more routinely. This will increase their quality of life immensely.

Healthcare professionals also benefit from this new trend. Telehealth has dramatically increased the number of kept appointments. Their expenses in supplies and equipment have decreased using this innovative method. It has brought synchronization to the workflow of the practice and enables high-quality personal care. Some providers have chosen to expand their service areas. Telehealth has removed the barrier of distance. It has also encouraged some licensed professionals to become virtual solo practitioners. It has provided them with flexibility and allowed them to broaden their mission without the standard overhead costs of a physical location. These factors have also contributed to an increase in profit for many healthcare practices.

The availability of Telehealth is a convenient and effective way of assuring safety for healthcare givers and patients. It definitely serves its purpose during peak times of exposure to common or foreign viruses. This is when social distancing is highly recommended. Knowing that medical help is just a click away will encourage more people to reach out. Telehealth presents a one on one approach that many patients have sought for years. It gives the personal touch that house calls provided with a modern twist.